Thursday, November 19, 2009

. Inspiration .

[ My Chanel Momma ]
My inspiration comes from a handful of strong sources.
1. My Momma.
My mom is an artistic free spirit. She raised me in the country where our sense of privacy created a sort of artistic identity for the two of us. She was always volunteering her time and talent in my life. Artistic influence filtered into my life the second I entered our home in the country where the artist in her introduced itself to me on all levels, down to the way she decorated our home. I developed an appreciation for art and beauty early on because of her. What made her even more special was that she was a guys girl. She could beat them in arm wrestling, take care of our big yard and orchard, and rarely wore makeup or got super dolled up, yet at the same time was the most gentle, smooth woman I have ever seen.
2. Traveling.
I have been blessed to see several different places in the world at a young age. I have traveled to France, England, Holland, South Africa, Uganda, Mexico, and Ireland. Because of this, my eyes have been opened to different cultures and a different way of thinking. People often tell me I'm an old soul and I think a lot of that comes from traveling. Traveling stretches your mind, stretches your character; it changes how you treat people, how you live your life, and the way you see the world. The opportunity to travel is something I am most grateful for.
3. Divine beauty.
Everyone has their own beliefs and I respect every one of them. What I think that is common to many of us though is the overwhelming feeling we get deep in our souls and what medium we choose to use to reach the Divine. For me, it can be simply driving on a sunny day with the windows down blasting some good tunes. But it's that and everything else that speaks to me. A line in a book. A conversation with a friend. Open minded people. It sparks my imagination and makes me want to search for more.
4. Education.
Education is the key to everything. We should always be searching to know more, learn more, keep our minds open to ideas and people. In an attempt to live that way and by trying to understand why things are the way they are, it stretches our imagination to capture more.

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