Thursday, November 19, 2009

. A Family Affair .

By this point, a photography business was not part of my plan, but it soon would be.
Some friends of the Dotsons that I had gotten to know on some level through nannying were the Specks. My first memory of meeting Barb was when I would take Nate over in the snow so that he and Sam, Barbs son, could play in the backyard and neighborhood.
The Specks had seen the pictures I did of Katie and Nate and asked if they could hire me to take their family pictures. Well, of course!
The very first pictures I did with the Specks were in Old Town. These would be the first of many. I quickly made relationships with them as well and started housesitting for them.
It has been such a blessing that the tool of art can bring people together. I adore their family.
This is when things began to really take off for BoHo Photography.

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